Jóse Rafael Guzman

Jóse Rafael Guzman

Addison Improv

Tue Jun 4
Jóse Rafael Guzman (En Español)
Age Restrictions: 18+

Jóse Rafael Guzman's Bio

Recognized for his acidic and foul-mouthed humor, has several milestones in his life that he has brought to the stage, including his experience of being detained in Texas, and spending a couple months in a detention center. In his return to US stages with his show CANDELA, Guzmán shares his most recent trip to Africa, what it’s like to be a father of three dogs, and how to view life without too many complications.

He has been establishing himself as one of the leading figures in Hispanic comedy. Guzmán recently launched an original Spotify podcast in both English and Spanish, La cárcel no da risa (Jail Is No Joke), which quickly climbed the charts as one of the most listened-to podcasts worldwide. He has also been making his mark in the podcast world with his personal show, El humano es un animal.

Born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, he graduated as a dentist. And, although he pursued that career for a few years, soon after, he decided to dedicate himself 100% to his great passion: comedy. He has since participated in several films,

radio programs, and documentaries such as Caminantes (2019) and Guinea Bissau (2023). He also has a successful YouTube channel.