First Monday | Comedy Showcase

First Monday | Comedy Showcase

Addison Improv

Mon Oct 3
Age Restrictions: 18+


Show Info


The show is hosted by the actual comedy club manager, who will watch, critique and select the best comedians from the night to work upcoming shows and weekends. 

This showcase is the best stand-up comedy talent search in town. The Texas Improv managers have personally hand-selected this group of comedians from all over the state to work on their NEW original material (No hacks allowed).

This show might be considered similar to an "open mic", however the few chosen comedians are either professional working comedians (Paid comics from Comedy Central, BET, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, etc.) or they are "new comedians" trying to become our house emcee. 

Want to be THE NEXT NATIONALLY KNOWN COMEDIAN? This is your big chance!
Are you funny or do you know someone who’s funny? Come perform where the pros do!

  • To sign up for this show, you MUST come in person to the club anytime after 6:00pm the day of the show.
  • 6:00pm - 6:30pm there will be a signup sheet, where you put your name in "the hat."
    • Only one entry per comedian.
    • Do not put names in "the hat" for other comedians that are not present.
    • You must be present to be selected to perform.
  • At 6:30pm the club manager will draw the first 5 comedians names from "the hat."
  • At 7:00pm the show begins and those 5 comedians will go first.
  • Each comedian will do a 3-5min set.
  • After those comedians perform the manager will draw 5 more names from "the hat." 
  • This format for drawing names from "the hat," will continue until 10:00pm (the end of the show)

We look forward to seeing you here!

For address and directions click here.