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Dominique's Bio

What is there to know about Dominique Witten? Well, if you’re interested in high-powered

comedy, everything. From headlining comedy clubs, to showing-out on television, Dominique is

the new face of funny in America. She’s created laughs on stages across the world, including

NBC’s Last Comic Standing, HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show,”

O.W.N.’s “Herlarious” and the hit television series “Black Jesus,” now airing on Adult Swim.

As a Washington D.C. native, Dominique honed her skills unprofessionally as a postal worker at

the infamous Brentwood Postal facility. As a mail sorter and resident comic, Dominique kept the

night-shift alert, and amused while perfecting jokes. At the urging of coworkers and relatives,

Dominique sought stand-up work at local comedy clubs, which came easily after a few

performances. Dominique attracted diverse audiences with a mixture of political and cultural

comedy that made audiences think, and laugh.

She quickly gained notoriety for telling it like it is, raw and uncut. In a pre-internet world,

Dominique’s fan-base grew quickly and word of her talent drew attention from HBO’s “Def

Comedy Jam.” After a strong performance on Def Jam, Dominique pursued her comedic dreams

full-time, moving to New York City to perform amongst the best of the best. Before long,

Dominique became a fixture of New York’s comedy scene, performing alongside comics like

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. During a chance encounter at a small comedy club, Dominique

impressed “30 Rock” and “SNL” star Tracy Morgan, who immediately made Dominique the

opening act for his “Caroline’s on Broadway” show. Since then, Dominique has wowed

audiences from London to LA, and all points between.

In addition to stand-up and television, Dominique has drawn laughs from radio audiences across

America during a regular segment on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” From this platform

Dominique became known as the ‘people’s champ,’ a comedian who speaks for the common

man and woman of America.

Run, don’t walk to Dominique’s next show, she’s the new face of funny!