Masood Boomgaard

Masood Boomgaard

Addison Improv

Thu Jul 13
Masood Boomgaard Presents: Self-Help Singh Live
Age Restrictions: 18+

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Masood Boomgaard's Bio

Self-help Singh is the alter ego of international comedian Masood Boomgaard. Self-help Singh, described as a comedic

alternative life coach and de-motivational speaker, first appeared to Boomgaard in a vision after he fell and hit his head

while rushing to the bathroom in an attempt to outrun the gastric consequences of bad lamb vindaloo.

Boomgaard has since been sharing the "common sense wisdom" and de-motivational teachings of Self-help Singh to

millions of people on the internet. The Self-help Singh live show is a hilarious yet thought provoking juxtaposition of stand-up comedy, parody and motivational speaking.

During his decade long full time professional comedy career Boomgaard has performed in New York, London, Dubai and

during the lockdown, in his father's garage. He lives in South Africa with his cat...for now.