Robyn Schall

Robyn Schall

Robyn Schall's Bio

Robyn Schall is a stand-up comedian, actress, and host whose "2020 Goals List" video went viral (10 million+ views), drawing high praise from such celebs as Oprah, The Kardashians, Jennifer Garner and Katie Couric.

Robyn will be hosting a weekly advice podcast for Betches Media titled “Call Waiting”, which is scheduled to premiere in April 2023.

Robyn was the host of Pinterest TV's live streaming show "The Goods" where she showcased products from brands including Patagonia, Melody Ehsani and Crown Affair. Robyn hosted her own segments/interviews for Katie Couric Presents, appearing as a guest on multiple shows including "The Drew Barrymore Show' and took over the @todayshow Instagram handle for Amazon Prime Day.

Robyn has performed her stand-up all over the world including three tours overseas for the US troops and all over Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia. Robyn's comedy album,"Guilty Pleasure" debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts and was featured multiple times on SiriusXM radio. Robyn is currently touring the country with her live, interactive show “The Robyn Schall Experience”.