Tanveer Arora

Tanveer Arora

LOL San Antonio

Thu Jun 27
Age Restrictions: 18+

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Tanveer Arora's Bio

Tanveer Arora is a Sikh who was born in Mumbai, India, but his love for denim durags brought him to Texas. He has been featured in numerous comedy festivals including Desi Comedy Festival, Big Little Comedy Festival, and has performed in a variety of shows all over the USA and also internationally including India and Japan.

His ability to share his culture, religion and Indianness through his comedy certainly wins the audiences. He has had the pleasure of working with comics like Dusty Slay, Jeremiah Watkins, Bobby Lee, Mark Normand, Shane Gillis and many more.

Forever grateful to his family (as they are his key comedy subjects), Tanveer wrote a lot of jokes over the past 7 years and he is bringing all he has got to you through this show.