Retro Comedy with Irma Ruiz

Retro Comedy with Irma Ruiz

You missed it! This show has passed.

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Its so weird that at our age, we're carded to buy cigarettes, but when my grandmother used to send me to the store, at age 5, to buy hers, no questions were asked. Remember when Payless Shoe Source would dye our shoes to match our dama dresses EXACTLY!? Remember being able to steal packages from your neighbor's porch without worrying about a RING camera? Remember when kids could forge their report cards in peace? Remember when we didn't have quarters for the payphone so we'd do that paperclip trick? Remember when you didn't smoke, but still carried around a lighter for your eyeliner? Remember AquaNet? Remember Sun-in? Hypercolor T-shirts?

Awww, the good ol' days! 

Come join comedians Irma Ruiz, Cuzin Berto and Jade Estrada as we laugh, cry and reminisce about living life in the 80's and 90's! You CAN NOT miss this!